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logo Vicodo
Personal video and chat communication without software installation
logo VetOnline
Online consultation and call service of veterinary 24/7
logo Very good security
Very Good Security is the world’s most secure and compliant solution to collect, protect and exchange sensitive data. We’re on the mission to protect the world’s information. Pursuing the Zero Data Mission we enable companies to interact with and operate on sensitive and regulated data without incurring the liability, effort, and cost of securing it. Our awesome team is distributed over 2 countries, and working 24/7 to ship the best solutions to our world-known clients globally.
logo Verstiuk
Explainer Videos With True Marketing Purpose – Verstiuk Production
logo Valtech
Valtech is a global digital agency where experiences are engineered. , , , ,
logo Vakoms
One Stop Software Company ,
logo Uvoteam
Uvoteam — це 300+ талантів, котрі щодня використовують свої найкращі навички та вміння і докладають максимум зусиль до створення крутих проектів у галузях academic writing services та edtech.
logo Unstoppable Domains
Building the new internet with blockchain domain names
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