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logo 28software
28software offers startups and mid sized companies a better way to develop better software and better games.
logo 2muchcoffee
2muchcoffee provides a full range of software development services from the architecture to project support. Іntegrate web and mobile development, project management, UI/UX design and QA software testing into the workflow to create successful products.
logo 4IRE labs
4IRE is a leading Ukrainian-Swedish IT consulting company that focuses on DeFi, FinTech, and Green Finance, which empowers businesses to take advantage of the latest technologies. Since 2010, we have become a long-term strategic partner helping with a full range of services required for launching the innovative FinTech and Blockchain solutions.
logo 8DEV8
8DEV8 was founded in 2017 as an outsource and outstuff company focused on ReactJS and NodeJS applications. We develop software solutions for our customers from Europe, Asia, and the USA.
logo A-listware
A-listware is a tech company. Areas of expertise: mobile development, web development, cloud computing, embedded development, artificial intelligence, ar/vr.
logo A-team
Web development студия A-team - мы решаем любые запросы клиентов используя HTML, Vue (Vue.js), Angular, React, Node (Node.js), Python.
logo A&A Web and App solutions
A&A Web and App solutions — компанія розробник WEB — продуктів та рішень для смартфонів.
logo A5 Mobile Development
Mobile platforms applications development + Java Enterprise development.
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