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logo ABM Cloud
ABM Cloud — специализируется на разработке и внедрении облачных программных решений для повышения эффективности бизнеса. На рынке более 8 лет. Экспертный опыт в более 250 проектов. В портфеле решения для автоматизации цепочки поставок: управление запасами
logo ABM Digital Distribution
E-commerce powered by Artificial Intelligence
logo ABM Shelf
ABM Shelf- Cloud service for the automation of visual merchandising management and the construction of floor plans for the layout of the trading floor. The algorithms of the system contain elements of AI.
logo ABRIS Design Group
Production of light and ultra-light aviation, unmanned aerial vehicles, ground monitoring and aerial photography
logo AcademyOcean
Automated Onboarding and Interactive Training. Helps SaaS-companies create courses to educate customers about the product. Courses consist of structured lessons, texts, images, videos, and quizzes. They are interactive, and customers get a nice certificate at the end.
logo ActiveChat
A platform for developing chatbots and voice assistants. With its help, you can easily create complex automated dialogs for any type of business and integrate these dialogs into existing user support systems. Got $130 000 from Starta Accelerator
logo ADAM
A biotech startup that focuses on bio-printing bone implants using its own patented 3D technology.
logo Addictive Learning
Mobile SaaS product company for e-learning. Providing education industry with ability to launch their own mobile application. Transforming knowledge based courses into action based.
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