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logo Apexum
Apexum offers a state-of-the-art solutions for Start-up and Enterprise brokers with advanced products and Services designed to make your Brokerage Elevate by Giving your business a Trajectory of Growth and Becoming more cost-effective.
logo API2Cart
API2Cart is an online solution that provides single API to perform integration with 30+ shopping carts including such industry leaders like Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, PrestaShop, OpenCart and others. Easily retrieve, add, update, delete and sync all needed information from the customers’ stores and integrate it with your business soft.
logo Apiway
Software platform-platform, where you can choose software and then configure many integrations between these cloud software for free without a programmer, in two clicks.
logo ApiX-Drive
Online service that allows you to connect different services and applications via API in 5 minutes without programmers.
logo Apollo
Developing World Shaping Fintech Solutions for a Global Economy.
logo Apostera
Apostera is automotive software company offering set of innovative solutions worldwide. Having headquarter in Germany we're addressing demand in Europe, North America, and Asia. Possessing outstanding advanced engineering talent, Apostera creates ADAS software platform as the basement for the set of solutions to assist the driver and reshape driving experience going from point A to point B. Our software solutions that merge the real world with virtual one, like mixed reality navi guidance, advanced camera-based perception and fusion solution, augmented surrounding view monitoring system, vehicle-to-vehicle and to-infrastructure components are bringing mobility world to the new era of autonomy.
logo Appflame
appflame — українська продуктова IT компанія, що розвиває власні продукти в ніші social discovery / social network. Наші продукти працюють на Tier-1 ринках, таких як США, Великобританія, Канада й Австралія. Наші найбільші переваги — швидкість розробки ідеї до продукту, відсутність бюрократії, орієнтація на результат, розробка на основі аналітики.
logo Appointer
Cloud CRN-system for small business, which has an appointment (beauty salons, car washes, clinics). Allows to record the reception, client base, services, goods and warehouse, calculate salaries and send SMS messages.
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