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logo IT hunt
HR community. ,
logo IT Network
The purpose of this community is to share knowledge and experience in the field of project management and business analysis.
logo IThink Kharkiv
iThink meetup — a perfect place for iOS developers to share their experience and debate on controversial topics. Our main aim is to create a community of developers who are eager to find out something new and discuss different solutions in casual atmosphere with tasty coffee breaks.
logo ITractor
A closed group for people who promote IT business in foreign markets.
logo IТ Dnipro Community
IT Dnipro Community combines opportunities for the development of the IT industry in Dnipro. ,
logo Java Lviv
Java community in Lviv. ,
logo Junior Club by Kharkiv IT Cluster
Junior Club is a unique closed club created to form a community of IT specialists in order to increase the expertise of young people in the field of IT and pump their soft skills. Trainings in a closed club will be useful for both beginners and professionals with a practical background.
logo Kyiv Smart City
Kyiv Smart City initiative brings citizens, businesses, knowledge institutions and public authorities together to shape Ukrainian cities of the future. Kyiv Smart City based on the principles of open data, smart digital services, and transparent management. It was created to transform Kyiv into a technologically developed, inclusive, and comfortable place.
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